House Rule

  • House Rule

House Rule of GUEST HOUSE B's Five

①Eating and drinking outside the living room is prohibited.
Please refrain from eating and drinking in the bedroom because that smell bothers other guests.
Please inform the staff immediately when you make stains on futon mat and a frame of bed.
In addition, we may charge a cleaning fee when stains are made.

② Do not use vacant beds, or do not change bed without our permission.
The vacant bed has been cleaned up for a next guest. If you would like to change the bed, please contact the staff.

③After 24:00 midnight, please turn off the main electricity in the bedroom and be quiet in the living room as well.
Guests who are planning to leave early in the morning may go to bed from early. night. We appreciate your cooperation for every guests' nice sleep.

④ The checkout time is until 11: 00 AM.
Please be punctual. We will clean up the room from 11:00 to 15:00.
If the cleaning delayed, next guests will be in trouble. Thank you for your cooperation.
If you would like to temporarily keep luggage after checkout, please let the staff know.
Our hostel is not responsible for lost or stolen checked baggage that the staff does not grasp.

⑤The whole building including the common space such as the balcony, the elevator hall, the stairway landings etc is non smoking for the prevention of fire.
If we found guests are smoking in the facility, we will collect a fine of 5000 JPY.
In addition, please note that we will ask you to leave, even if there are remaining stay periods. In that case, we do not refund the accommodation fee for the remaining days.

⑥ Do not walk around with underwear or naked out of the privacy curtain of your bed (shared area).
Guests from various countries, cultures and religions can come to our hostel. Please respect each other, feelings, and ways of thinking.

⑦Please do not hang wet clothes and towels etc on the crate of the bed. If water penetrates into the wooden frame, it will cause stains and mold. All wooden beds are handmade by our owner. It is a request to all guests to be able to use them for a longer and better condition.

⑧ Please drain the used toilet paper into the toilet bowl. Also, please do not flush toilet besides toilet paper provided. It may cause clogging.
(Please do not throw used toilet paper into a waste container. Please wrap the waste in toilet paper and put it in a waste container.)

⑨ Please do not throw soup such as cup noodle etc to a sink.  Please flush it toilet instead. (It will cause clogging of the sink and smell.)

⑩ All rooms in our hostel are male and female mixed dormitories.
It is not a love hotel! 
(The act of making SEX and making other guests unpleasant to do so is strictly prohibited!
If staffs find such an act or if other guest report it to staff, we will ask you to leave even if the stay period remains. In this case, we do not refund the accommodation fee for the remaining days. )

⑪ One bed is for one guest except a child guest using an existing bed with his/her parent. Please do not use a bed with multiple people.

⑫Our hostel is operating 24 hours security camera to protect all your important baggage and yourself in all areas (except in the shower room, in the toilet and in the privacy curtain of each bed).
Please keep locked the locker for important things such as passport, wallet, camera etc.
If there is something wrong, it is a system that can submit the recorded data to the police immediately, so please stay without worrying.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
We hope that every guest's Osaka trip will be filled with wonderful memories.

All staffs try our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible, so please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

 - Babak & Sayoko